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Brian Day



 Brian A. Day  President

Provides environmental communication skills, experience, training, and networking.  Also provides daily management of the organization, over 25 years of applied experience, author of many article and books (resume) and experience in over 30 countries. He also the Editor of Applied Environmental Education and Communication


Tor Hough, CEO, Edict, Inc.

Provides services and advice in the development of electronic communication development, systems analysis, and database development. Also provides experience in grassroots environmental communication needs and solutions


Robert Justin, JD, CPA

Provides organizational development, legal, financial and organizational expertise to the organization


Martha C. Monroe, Ph.D. University of Florida

Provides extensive knowledge in Environmental Education and Communication having worked in over 20 countries, taught at three major universities, written many articles book, and won awards in curriculum development.  Dr. Monroe services as the resource review editor for Applied Environmental Education and Communication.


Joan Tisdale Day, Secretary - Treasurer

Provides environmental non-profit management expertise from over 20 years of experience. She also provides organizational management and fundraising skills development.


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